Private Organizations


Monday – Friday
8am to 4:30pm


Private Organizations are self-sustaining, special interest groups set up by people acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees or agents of the federal government.

Private Orgs are not federal entities and are not treated as such. Some examples of Private Organizations are Squadron Booster Clubs, unit Advisory Committees, Spouse Clubs and Special interest Groups.

Any and all fundraisers held on Barksdale AFB must be approved through the NAF Office. To ensure your fundraiser is approved in a timely manner, please complete the following steps: Be familiar with AFI 34-223, download the fundraiser request form below, complete the form in detail regarding when, where and to whom/what the funds from the fundraiser are going, then have a facility coordinator and Public Health (if food is involved) sign the form and bring original paperwork to the NAF Office in Bldg. 4400, Suite 3600. You are recommended to start this process at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled date for approval.