Tuesday – Friday: 9am – 4pm
Saturday: 10am – 3pm

Wood Shop

The Barksdale Wood Hobby Shop is maker central. Hobbyists will find gnarled hands, creative minds and expert craftsmen wanting to teach and help. The Wood Hobby Shop offers classes to sharpen and hone anyone’s carpentry skills, whether a novice or experienced woodworker. They routinely offer multi-night project classes and also do a shop certification class. Expert craftsmen instruct and assist to make any hobbyist a little better.
The wood shop embraces the artisan maker’s culture, so commonly found in Louisiana. We offer incredible, unique custom shadow boxes that will be the memory maker for your assignment. Air Force stripes, Air Force wings, Louisiana shaped, Harley Davidson, Fireman’s Cross, Munitions bomb shaped, B-52s, tail flashes – you dream it…we’ll build it. We do furniture repair. We stock a variety of woods and a full array of shop tools including a Shop-bot robotic CNC machine for wood carving. Our experts can guide the hobbyist through any project or can build your project for you. Visit the wood shop and bring your creativity.