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Our non-appropriated fund (NAF) activities offer great work and career opportunities. We employee people of almost any skill set and are continually looking for the right match of people and positions. Whether you are looking for part-time work or a career, take a moment to browse our openings. 

“I have always loved art and I find the process of creating, especially with customers, to be very rewarding and personally satisfying.  I also enjoy the classroom and being able to share and pass on my passion for art to others.”

Diane Jackson and Hannah Maranto
Arts & Crafts Center 
NAF Team members since 1983 & 2017, respectively

“When I think about my job and all the responsibilities, I feel very fortunate to be in this position. Our mission is to provide healthy, nutritious meals to our service members’ children.   In this way, we ease the member’s minds, so they can do the job at hand without worrying about their children’s nutrition and health while in our care.  This is an honor, responsibility, and privilege that I personally take to heart. I love my job and my CDC family.”

Donna Boren
Cook, Child Development Center
NAF Team member since 2011

“I like being able to work with my brothers. I also like getting to meet and deal with different people.  We deal with all kinds of people – guests, housekeepers, you name it. I’ve learned one key when approaching people is to be humble. We work hard because the linen has to be right … if it’s messed up, we will hear about it.”


Sherard, Shamarr & Steve Williams (brothers)
Linen Exchange Service, Lodging – Barksdale Inn
NAF Team Members since 2016, 2019 & 2019, respectively