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Experience the Great Outdoors with Our Outdoor Adventure Activities

We invite you to discover a range of exciting activities to enjoy in the great outdoors. From archery and paintball to trips and events, we have something for every adventurous spirit.

Our archery range, located at Red Chute Shotgun Club, features 3D lifelike targets and is suitable for all skill levels.

Our paintball fields at Cullen Park offer the thrill of battling competitors in a beautiful natural setting and our Outdoor Rec team offers a variety of trips and events, such as horseback riding, fishing, and kayaking, for outdoor enthusiasts.

Join us and discover the adventure of a lifetime.


Our archery range is located at Red Chute Shotgun Club.  It features 3D lifelike targets that range from deer, turkey and hogs to dinosaurs.

All skill levels from novice to professional will enjoy the natural course on the base’s east reservation. All safety protocols are taught and enforced. Groups are welcome.


Our paintball fields at Cullen Park gives the adventurer the thrill of battling competitors in the beautiful nature setting of the Barksdale’s east side.

Players will find plenty of cover both natural and man-made. Our outdoor recreation team will host individuals or groups of 10 or more. They have plenty of gear, protective equipment and paintballs to supply you. Just call Equipment Rental or visit to schedule your session.

Trips and Events

Louisiana is Sportsman’s Paradise and our Outdoor Rec team offers plenty of outings for the outdoor enthusiast. We host a variety of trips that appeal to all sorts of interests.  Some of our more popular have been horseback riding in east Texas, charter fishing in south Louisiana, bird hunting in Oklahoma, indoor skydiving & Top Flite golf in Dallas, swamp tours on Caddo Lake and kayaking in south Louisiana.

Many of these trips are subsidized with Rec-On or R4R funds, so they may be offered to the military at very low pricing.