Transition Assistance Program (TAP


Transition Assistance Program Legislation (U.S.C. Title 10) states that starting 1 Oct 2019, the NDAA19 Transition Curriculum will consist of four CONGRESSIONALLY mandated components:

  1. Initial Counseling – first step in the transition process (must be completed 365 days prior to date of separation – this briefing is a pre-requisite to the Pre-Sep Briefing)
  2. Pre-Separation Briefing – prerequisite to three day TAP Workshop (must be completed 365 days prior to date of separation – this briefing is a pre-requisite to the TAP Workshop)
  3. TAP Workshop – Three day workshop – this briefing is a pre-requisite to the Capstone appt
  4. Capstone – culmination of the transition process (must be completed 90 days prior to date of separation)

Please follow steps below to be scheduled for all workshops:

  1. Register on eBenefits (eBenefits Premium Account at – You will need your CAC initially to access the website)
  2. Fill out the attached forms. (If opening in gmail, use DocHub – PDF Sign and Edit)
  3. Upon completion, save the form by adding your Last and First Name. Example:




  1. Send the completed forms to or type in Barksdale Tap in the global.

Upon receipt of your completed forms, a member from our staff will contact you verifying your scheduled dates for the following Transition components:

Initial Counseling 
TAP Handbook 

3 Day  Workshop

Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Workshop This mandatory three-day program provides information, tools, and training to ensure Service members and their spouses are prepared for the next step in civilian life whether pursuing additional education, finding employment in the public or private sector, or starting their own business. All transitioning members must complete this requirement prior to the Capstone component. Completed TAP mandates expire four years from the date of Initial Counseling.

An electronic device is REQUIRED for this workshop.  Please bring your own personal laptop, I-PAD, or any other type of electronic device.  If you do not have a device that you can use during the workshop, laptops will be available for you to check out.  If you need to check out a laptop from us, please arrive NLT 0745 on Monday to sign out a computer.

Prior to attending the TAP Workshop, please review and/or complete the following:

  1. For Active Duty Service Members, all components of the Transition Assistance Program expire after 4 years (i.e. Initial Counseling, Pre-Separation Counseling, 3 Day Transition Workshop).
  2. Please print or save to your personal device the following participant guides listed below (no hard copies will be available).
  3. Complete page 1 of the Individual Transition Plan (ITP)

My Transition Guide 
MOC Crosswalk Guide 
Financial Planning 


The Capstone is a mandatory component of the Transition Curriculum where Commanders, or Commanders’ designees, verify that Service members have met Career Readiness Standards (CRS). The purpose of the Capstone event is to evaluate a Service member’s preparedness to successfully transition from a military to a civilian career.  The capstone appointment must be completed 12 months – 90 days prior to your DOS/DOR.  The capstone expires after 12 months from the date of signature.  To re-accomplish, please call the A&FRC to make an appointment.  Please send all CRS/deliverables to your capstone counselor prior to your appointment for review.  If you do not then your capstone appointment will be rescheduled.

You will be contacted by a Capstone Counselor to schedule a convenient date and time to complete this component.  The Counselor will identify your specific pathway and you must submit the following deliverables based on your specified pathway:

Pathway        Required CRS Deliverable(s)

Tier I                Individual Transition Plan (ITP)

Tier II               Individual Transition Plan (ITP)

12 month post Budget

MOC Gap Analysis (sides A&B)

Tier III   Individual Transition Plan (ITP)

12 month post Budget

MOC Gap Analysis (sides A&B)


Two Day Track CRS Requirement

Legacy  Individual Transition Plan (ITP)

12 month post Budget

MOC Gap Analysis (sides A&B)


For additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 318-456-8400 or email us at


Transition Assistance Program 2-Day Tracks

2-day tracks are a great way to receive additional information on your selected transition career path.  These tracks are optional for members who are in Tiers 1 and 2.  Tier 3 members are REQUIRED to complete one of the four tracks to be compliant with TAP mandates.   Below are the four 2-Day Track Workshops offered:

SBA Entrepreneurship Track “Boots to Business” This two-day workshop introduces participants to the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to launch a business, including steps for developing business concepts, how to develop a business plan, and information on SBA resources available to help. This two-day in-person program is facilitated by subject matter experts from the SBA and their extensive network of skilled business advisors.

DOL Vocational Track  This two-day workshop offers a unique opportunity to identify skills, increase awareness of training and credentialing programs, and develop an action plan to achieve career goals. Participants will learn to narrow their career focus by establishing achievable career goals and development strategies.

DOL Employment Two-Day Track  This Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Workshop is a comprehensive two-day curriculum that covers emerging best practices in career development. Service members receive vital skills in the DOL led workshop, including learning interview skills, building effective resumes, and using emerging technology to network and search for employment.

DoD Education Track  This two-day workshop is designed to assist Service members in identifying the higher education requirements that support their personal career goals. The workshop is divided into four topic areas: choosing a program of study, selecting an institution of higher education, exploring funding sources, and navigating the admission process. This workshop is beneficial for all Service members attending college (entry level – graduate level). Service members will have an opportunity to research and compare institutions of higher education. To register, call us at 318-456-8400.

Dress Code: “Business Casual” for the TAP workshop (i.e… collared shirt and slacks for men; dress, skirt, slacks and blouse for women). Please no uniforms, hats/caps, jeans, shorts, cut-offs, jogging suits, sweats, scrubs, uniforms, flip-flops, tennis shoes or halter tops.  If not properly dressed, you will not be able to attend the workshop.

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